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Chevy Camaro 2012-2013, DiFalco Retractable Headlight LED Mesh Grille by Forgiato®.
Patent Pending # 29/421,898

This unique grille will give your vehicle a luxury appearance with an extremely aggressive style. The special features and innovative Motorized Retractable Hidden Headlight system with it’s glaring LED will make your vehicle stand out from the rest and will perfectly match the performance of your Camaro.

* Innovative, Aggressive And Unique Design
* Motorized Retractable Hidden Headlight System
* Ultra Bright LED Daytime Running Lights
* Integrated LED Turn Signals
* Headlights Functional With Bezels Installed
* Includes All Required Hardware and Wire Harness
* Brushed Stainless Steel Accent Trim
* Matte Black Finish
* First Class Finish of All Parts for OEM Quality Look

The Forgiato Di Falco Retractable Hidden Headlight Grille is a revolutionary grille design with aggressive appearance and unique features. While conventional grille simply updates the look of your car giving no features and benefits, the innovative Retractable Hidden Headlight Grille radically changes the usual concepts and views. It will not only add your vehicle an unrepeatable style that is noticeable for everyone and everywhere, but will also revive your car giving a soul and personal character once and for all.

The Forgiato DiFalco Retractable Hidden Headlight Grille would not be innovative having only the perfect look. Unmatched quality and performance are guaranteed by the manufacturer due to the high-quality materials and the benefits it can give. Depends on your needs and spirit, you can change the appearance of a grille on a run and in a second. The “lashes” can be hidden immediately giving the opportunity to use the original headlights. In this way, your ultra bright LED lights with turning signals will be switched to the factory lights.